5 Tips on how to go Vegan

It’s 2018 and more and more people are starting to take in consideration the decision of “going vegan”.

Removing from your diet all kind of animal products, such as dairy, meat, eggs, honey it’s not an easy step and it could be easy to feel discouraged and frustrated, even with all best intentions. But we’ve got you covered. Here you have 5 great tips on how to start your journey, and stick with it.

1. Go Cold Turkey.

Exactly. Don’t switch to vegetarian, don’t cut only dairy or eggs first, don’t take the easy road. Just start avoiding any animal products since the beginning. The first two weeks you will hate life, people and yourself. It is hard, but don’t give up: it’s worth it.

2. Study & Research.

Oh yes. Study, watch YouTube videos, documentaries, read books and articles about veganism. Research and constantly broaden the reasons why you are making this choice.

There are many amazing resources online that will make you understand better how to maintain a healthy body and why. One of my favourite Youtubers is Mic the Vegan. His videos are all backed up by scientific studies, to convince even the more sceptical ones.

Studying and researching on the topic is extremely going to help you. The first two weeks I’ve decided to go vegan I was literally eating raw broccoli and tomatoes with white rice: sad. And as I have learnt by researching, it is also an unbalanced meal, that would made me feel bloated and hungry soon after eating it. Trust me. Study: one of the main reasons why people decide to give up on veganism is because they think there are not enough options.

Have you ever heard “vegans only eat salad”? Exactly… no other sentence could be more wrong and misleading.

3. Fall in love with Food.

Understand how it affects your body. Look at food not as a bunch of calories but like an amazing plate full of nutrients. Understand those nutrients. Understand how everything you eat affects your body, your mood, your hormones, your energy and so on.

Food is medicine, food is nourishment. When you start understanding its importance you will never come back. It is also highly probable that you will start liking vegetables and flavours you ate. We are what we eat… just inform yourself WHY.

Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at 15.23.08

4. Research your location.

So, you decided to go vegan. Where are you going to buy your food now?

Start to research in your area natural shops and supermarkets, vegan friendly restaurants and cafes, and where it is possible to buy Vegan brands and items. As being vegan is starting to become more and more common worldwide it shouldn’t be a problem, especially in big cities.

5. Join a community.

Fortunately, in the main cities of the World veganism is spreading at a very fast pace. This allows people to be able to find big communities of like minded people, in particular online. Look on Facebook for groups of vegans in your city or country, it is going to be very motivational. Usually you can also receive great support from these groups, where you can get prompt replies to every questions you post.

And if you just moved to another country and you don’t know anyone, that is exactly the best thing to do! Often these groups organise meet ups, and it is an amazing chance to find people that shares your same value and get new friends. Also you will for sure be able to find recommendations on where to eat or where to find the best deals. Give it a  try!


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