The Vegan Tide Begins

It has been many years since the first time I desired to open my blog.

And I’ve tried, more than once. Every single time, somehow, I was giving up.

I’ve never been a patient person, I always want everything as soon as possible: this doesn’t help in any situation, because as we all know, change and success are two things that require time and consistency.

So my goal for 2018 and for my 20’s is to be patient. Is to listen to myself, to actually start doing instead of dreaming. To have new ideas. To master my thoughts and my life as much as I can. Because there is no other way for me to be happy than to dedicate my time on something I truly believe in.

So what is this blog about? 

Mainly, the life as a vegan. I decided to switch to a 100% plant based diet on 1st of January 2017. Since then everything has changed. I got really passionate into nutrition, fitness, healthy lifestyles. And making this choice was a bet with myself. I wanted to prove to myself that my will power was strong enough to be able to follow a belief, no matter what. And damn, one year and almost three months later, I did it. I have to admit it hasn’t been always easy. I had many temptations, sometimes I had to close one or two eyes on certain things I ate, but in any place and situation I followed what I believed in.

Also, I’d like to write about lifestyle in general, fitness, about my passions, my thoughts, about everything that passes by my mind and that I think can be useful and shared by other people. I’d like to post some interviews, I’d like to make some reviews and try out new stuff.

This is a free space. And it’s 100% vegan.




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