Hello, I’m Sarah!

I am a half Italian & half Polish 20 years 22042019_1655228494496330_7439617853486517581_oold student, currently studying at University in the French part of Switzerland.

The 1st of January 2017 I’ve taken the decision to go vegan, and since then an entire new world opened up to me. I started to discover how interesting nutrition is, the different benefits food can provide and how strongly affected our bodies are from it.

My goal is to inform people as much as possible on the amazing benefits of being vegan, not only for what regards health issues, but also on how amazingly it is affecting the people and the world.


After moving to London for six months in 2017, I have seen how veganism is starting to grow, and it is finally not stigmatised anymore. Queues to get inside vegan restaurants, sold out dairy free products, weekly vegan food festivals, new amazing plant-based versions of classics everywhere… I entered the doors of Paradise. (And I miss it badly.)


I have dreamt about starting a blog for years, and after many failed attempts, I am going to demonstrate to myself that this time is the successful one. I’ll write about everything that passionate me, but with the main focus on health, veganism and fitness. Travels and personal thoughts will also be present often.

I hope you’ll like what you read, and that my posts will be somehow useful to you.

Yours, Sarah.